Meet the Band

Michelle Nisewaner

Lead Vocals

Michelle began singing at the age of two to the sounds of Roberta Flack and The Rolling Stones.  Growing up singing was simply something she enjoyed.  It wasn't until her early 20s that Michelle found her vocal independence. Her passion for our veterans is clear through many years of involvement with American Legion, Wounded Warrior VFW and other volunteer veteran events,   She has sung the National Anthem for many public events including the Veteran Benefit concert at Pier 6.  Michelle may have a shy quiet demeanor but with her dynamic, powerhouse vocals, Michelle can stand tall alongside her all-male band mates.

Jim Frattali

Lead Guitar & Vocals

Jim has been playing guitar for over 30 years and has been in several successful local acts from the 80s/90s metal band Firestorm to modern rock acts Smash Radio and Primed to classic rock bands Bad Habits and Midnite Run. He's played more venues in and around Baltimore than he can remember. In the nineties Jim toured the East Coast with Firestorm as the band pursued a professional music path. But time has since passed and Jim is now content to be a weekend warrior playing in a serious act that allows him to fulfill his passions of playing electric guitar and entertaining others. Jim takes playing cover music very seriously and his approach is to emulate the guitar tone and style of the original artist's recording. Jim also appreciates all genres of music and his guitar style draws from numerous and diverse influences from classic rock gods like Eric Clapton, Keith Richards and David Gilmour to hard rock gunslingers like Eddie Van Halen, Glenn Tipton, and Angus Young. Jim has always been comfortable on stage and he has always enjoyed passing on the energy he derives from playing music to the audience. Jim just loves to rock!!!