Meet the Band

Michelle Nisewaner

Lead Vocals

Michelle began singing at the age of two to the sounds of Roberta Flack and The Rolling Stones.  Growing up singing was simply something she enjoyed.  It wasn't until her early 20s that Michelle found her vocal independence. Her passion for our veterans is clear through many years of involvement with American Legion, Wounded Warrior VFW and other volunteer veteran events,   She has sung the National Anthem for many public events including the Veteran Benefit concert at Pier 6.  Michelle may have a shy quiet demeanor but with her dynamic, powerhouse vocals, Michelle can stand tall alongside her all-male band mates.

Aaron Fuller

Lead Vocals

Aaron was born naked and much shorter. He claims his musical ability comes from the bite of a radioactive songbird, and he has vowed to use his powers only for good rock and roll, because with great range comes great responsibility. His previous band was Shotgun Shack.

Jim Frattali